Saturday, 7 October 2017

I Have A Headache Today

It's like my whole damn head is stuffed full of hot, and soaked cotton wool. I'm hoping it's because I had my computer set to the wrong settings (it was set to dim and brighten at will). Now that I have it set to a constant brightness I'm hoping my headache will finally go away. It doesn't help that it's a bloody gloomy and overcast day.

My new aircon goes in next week hopefully. the old one wa so big that it chewed up too much power. it cooled the whole house. Mum and I don't need that as neither of us like airconditioning in the bedrooms. so we are upgrading to a split system. I pick it up Tuesday From Harvey Norman... Hopefully, it will be better when the power bill comes around.

Emily is doing okay... still has morning sickness, and I'm still glad it's her and not me. Yeah, I know I'm a really good role model as a mother....LOL... She's a big girl she'll survive it. Our lives are all getting back to normal after the passing of dear old Dotty.

The weather is getting hotter. We are also coming into our storm season. I just hope 2018 isn't as hot as 2017 was or it's going to feel like we've all taken up residence in hell. Speaking of hell I need some names that start with LUC... what do you think of these ones for a story I'm mulling over. These characters will all be siblings... What do you think? here are the names and the meaning of said names.

Lucifer━Light Bearer (M) 
Lucien━Born at Daybreak (M)
Lucius━Bright (M)
Lucero━Luminious (M)
Luca━Man from Lucania (M)
Lucho━Warrior (M)
LucibelleChaste Light (F)
Luciana━Light Moon (F)
Lucetta━Light (F)
Lucilyn━Lighthearted Woman (F)
Lucina━She who brings children into light (F)
Lucretia━Succeed (F)

Monday, 2 October 2017


I just signed up for NaNoWriMo for 2017... Experimentals 3: Messages From The Dead, and Experimentals 4: Movements In The Dark (well part thereof of #4 just to make up the 50K).

This will be my platform to get back into writing. Hopefully, nothing else will happen to throw me off track. I actually like writing NaNoWriMo as it is fun writing to the 30-day timeline and trying to get everything completed by the due date.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Touching Base...

Okay... Life has been getting in the way of everything. Just when I think I have shit sorted out━something crops up and blocks my way. It makes everything very trying... but as someone very famous once said "Such is life.".

On the upside... Emily and the baby seem to be both coming along fine... though she never stops complaining about the heat. I wish I had a cure for her morning sickness... but I guess it's all a part of having a baby...  really don't remember having morning sickness at all when I was pregnant.

It was Aunty Dot's funeral today. So it's a sad day in the house, but life must go on. We must remember the good times, and God knows there were more than a few of them. Until next time take care.

Monday, 25 September 2017

R.I.P. Aunty Dot

On September 20th at 12:45pm... My mum's twin sister Aunty Dot (Dorothy Margaret Hain) passed away... 85 years young & she will be missed by all  (Aunty Dot is the one wearing blue). Now here are some songs by her favourite singer... the equally fabulous Mr Bob Marley.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Just Asking

Remember, just asking could be the start to helping someone who you may not even know even needs it. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Let's Play Catch Up

I've been slack lately and I really don't have a reason why. I can blame it on the renovations, but let's face it they really only happen on Sundays & Mondays. Lately, I've just been hanging out with my cats... Droogie is looking a little worse for wear. they're both getting up there in age, but Droogie is actually showing it more than Willow. I think he'll be the first to go... it will be a sad day as he is my baby.

I haven't been doing much writing as I would like, as I've been concentrating on reading the Rainbow Award books that I have to get through. I have a ton of them and I don't want to fall behind. I have to send in at least 10 of them today. I've had quite the variety this time around... some better than others, and some that I have absolutely loved from start to finish.

Life for the family is good in general... Emily still has morning sickness, but that is to be expected. All is still looking okay on the baby front. I'll keep you all posted the closer we get to my grandbaby arriving into the world.

NaNoWriMo is getting closer with each passing day... I think I have a plan kind of set in place for what I want to write for the month. Let's all pray that I can stick to it and not stray too far from the track. At this stage, I'm still planning to work on the next 2 books in the Sons of Evenmore series.

Friday, 18 August 2017

My Baby Is Having A Baby & Other News.

Yes, I should add that my baby isn't really a baby anymore, as she'll be 28 next January... Emily is due at the end of March so here's hoping everything runs smoothly for her... I got to go with her to the scan on Wednesday and see the babies heartbeat... and all I could think isthis shit is real now. Okay, that's all I can tell you about that, so now its onto...

OTHER NEWS: My glasses finally came back and I can actually see out of them, which is a good thing. So it means I can see again, and can get back into writing. I'm still working on The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty On The Outside, & The Lines Of Marsden 4: The Trail Of Red Roses. I've also been semi plotting NaNoWriMo, but we all know with me by the time I sit down to write my NaNoWriMo this year it'll have changed completely... let's face it, we all know I never stick to a plan.

We've had a really hot couple of days. The poor cats (who are both 16) have really felt the heat. I'll just keep my eye on them for the next little bit and see how they are coping. They seem to be doing better today then they were yesterday, which is a good thing.

I've gotten myself some new cooking pots & pans a Flavorstone Infusion Grill, it 's like a steam grill, and a Tefal Pressure Cooker... things that will make my cooking lifer easier. I may not be the greatest cook, but I prefer cookware where nothing sticks. I've had some other Flavorstone cookware for a few years and have loved them.

We've started the renovations on the back veranda, and the house is getting painted on the outside this weekend. Well, the guys is starting. I'm not sure how long it will take him. We'll be doing more renos this weekend. I hope it's not too hot or too windy, or else we'll all be in cranky moods... or that could just be me. Anyhoo, I'm outa here, I'll catch you all on a whole other day.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Where The Hell...

Okay... I have searched my Dropbox, every memory stick, and even my external hard drive... and I seem to have lost the first 10K of Experimentals 3:Messages From The Dead. that I wrote for NaNoWriMo back in 2015... so when I start NaNoWriMo this year I'll have to start from the beginning... On a good note, I did find in my cleaning up, my hand written synopsis for Messages From The Dead... I just don't know how someone who is as anal retentive as I am about keeping track of shit could lose a story.

Last night I did take the time to take a couple of hours to skim through both #1: Blessed With A Curse, & #2: Running Into Zero Tolerance, and wrote down all the character names getting ready for the big write in November... when I'll be writing 3 & 4: Movements In The Dark back to back. To get both done, I need to write 2,667 words per day for November.

As you can see, I've made it to 5K in The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty On The Outside... I won't be writing today as I have a family BBQ to attend today... it's going to be fun. The story so far is heading where I thought it might. Though, it's not exactly about who I thought it would be the main characters. At first, I thought it wold be about Tori & Darkan/Goliath... turns out I was wrong. It's two years later, and it's now about Wynn & Teagan... But I'm still hoping you will enjoy the read.

I'm at a standstill on The Lines Of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses... but only until my glasses come back. Because, I know once I start back on it, I won't want to stop, and I can't do that with fuzzy lenses. 

I'll also be starting soon on Wardens Of The Guild 3: Heart Strings... but again I'm just waiting on the glasses. I'll have to go and do the whole write down all the character names for this one too. I'm really bad at forgetting names.

Still no news on Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go... but hopefully I will hear from Fireborn Publishing soon.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Working On...

The Diamond Rose 2:
So Pretty On The Outside

The Lines Of Marsden 4:
The Trail Of Red Roses

Friday, 11 August 2017

Figuring Shit Out...

I'm still figuring out how all the new crap on the computer works.... Techno savvy I am not...

And then, every time I smile and say, "I've got this." the damn thing updates, and I don't got this no more. Why the hell does a new computer need so many updates? Anyway, no use complaining as no one has time to listen.

Recently I wrote down the name of every book, series, back burner book in my to be written pile and sent it to my beta reader so that James A can help me keep track. I need to get back into the swing of writing. and he will keep me on track with which books/series need to be done. Speaking of stories. I still haven't heard anything back from Fireborn Publishing about Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go... so still keep your crossables crossed for me.

We will be starting the next stage of renovations on the house this weekend so I'm hoping it won't take forever. This picture is of my music set up area. It used to be Emily's office, but seeing as she has her own place I now have all my CD's & Records in there so I can listen to them when I want. I bought the kitchen hutch and it fit in perfectly. The books are my my David Bowie collection on the bottom and a few other artists on the shelf above. The Jon Bon Jovi Picture is Emily's... but it fit in so there it sits. It goes well with my other wall that faces the kitchen hutch.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Why Is It?

Why is it... when you get a new computer which is a simple upgrade or two from your last computer it's so vastly different it takes you forever to learn the simplest of things before you can use it━or is that just me? I feel like this new Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 (Surface Pro 5) is vastly different from the 3 that just died on me. Mind you, the pic shown is actually a picture of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that I first had, and one of Emily's best friend's now uses for UNI... I don't have a pic of this one but they basically look the same except I have a different keyboard & mouse.

And all the programs I've had to re-download are all kind of different now, especially Adobe reader... Why can't they leave things so I can figure them out. Then this morning Yahoo went and upgraded on me so it is all different... so now it will take me forever to figure out what the hell I'm doing there. I hate it when things change as I am so not techno savvy.

Even my office seems to be different... hence the reason I think the guy activated the trial version and didn't swap over my office from the old computer to the new computer. I suppose I will just have to wait until the trial version runs out to see if indeed my suspicions are true... if they are I'm up for additional costs seeing as the old computer has now been sent back for refund.

I'll be glad when I get my glasses back and hopefully this tie the lenses will be correct. it was only the one pair that were wrong, and of course they would have to be the pair I need for absolutely everything. I didn't realize how bad my old ones were until I had to start wearing them again.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

It's Been Two Years Already

I can't believe it's been two years since my boobs have had to be squashed beyond belief, but as they say: No Pain━no sense of relief when you find out everything is all okay. Last time I had a bit of a scare when they found a slight shadow, but after a secondary examination it turned out to be nothing. So this morning I'll happily toddle off to my breast examination appointment at 9:15 am, and hope that I get another all clear result this time around.

Then in other news: I'll have to go and pick Emily up from the mechanics in Toowoomba as her car is in getting a couple of oil leaks fixed up. I just hope that I can remember how to get to the mechanics as I've only been there once before, and I wasn't driving. I'd been sitting in the back seat, so I really wasn't paying attention.

Also I'll go and check out a new computer seeing as this one lost about a third of it's charge overnight. Harvey Norman is having sales on at the moment so now might be the time to look into upgrading to a new one. I'll let you know what happened when next I'm on.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Well Finally!

My new glasses finally turned up, but I have to go back and get then tweaked as they don't sit right on my head. I think they may have gotten the multi focal lenses out of whack a little... Hopefully it's an easy fix... or else it's going to be as annoying as hell to wear them.

I watched the latest episode of Shadow Hunters this morning and I wonder just how far much more they are going to deviate from the books. Don't get me wrong, I still love watching the series. But when you kill off characters who are supposed to be alive, and then keep alive characters who are meant to die... I have to wonder... In saying that I really do like all the characters in the show. I like some of the characters in the show that I really didn't in the books which amazes me to no end.

I finally have my music area all set up so I can now listen to music all I want... The area looks great if I do say so myself. After being told I can decorate it anyway I want. I say so I can put all my skulls in there only to be told a resounding NO! How fair is that... In the end my mum filled it with rabbits and chickens, but I don't mind as my skulls decorate my bedroom anyway.

I'll be adding to my garden beds soon. Well, as soon as the guy comes and paints the outside of the house. The next portion of the garden will all be in pots. When Ted & I put up the shade cloth pergola, I didn't realise just how hard it was going to be to grow any type of grass (like impossible) So instead I'll turn it into a green house of sorts, and fill it with plants that love to grow in shaded areas.

My computer keeps draining itself of its battery life. Every time I turn the damn thing on it is as flat as a tack. So I might have to go and see what's happening tomorrow. I hope it doesn't mean I'm up for a new one. As this one is only about three years old, but I can't go any where, or use my computer anywhere unless I have a constant power source... It's a total pain in the arse. It'll probably cost me a fortune for a new one. I'll let you know the verdict the next time I'm on.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

I've Been Thinking...

Yeah sometime it happens... the thinking that is, and lately it's been making my head hurt... or that could be because I'm still waiting on my new glasses to take away the fuzziness.

I've actually been thinking about music and people with beautiful voices. It could be because we lost Chester Bennington so recently, and I absolutely loved him as an artist... and David Bowie earlier in the year who was my all time fave singer. It got me thinking about other voices of people still alive who I love listening to.  So I thought I'd give you a list of  some of my favourite singers/bands and four songs from each for you all to check out.

Boy George
If I Could Fly
Il Adore
Same Thing In Reverse
Unfinished Business

Black Veil Brides
Days Are numbered
I Am Bulletproof
Nobody's Hero
Rebel Love Song

Bullet For My Valentine
All These things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)
Scream Aim Fire
Waking The Demon
Your Betrayal

Chris Daughtry
Over You
No Surprise
Waiting For Superman

Falling in Reverse
Bad Girls Club
I'm Not A Vampire
The Drug In Me Is You

Goo Goo Dolls
Am I Gone
Long Way Down

Good Charlotte
Last Night
Little things
The River
Where Would We Be Now

Better Than Me
Lips Of An Angel
Without You

Born To Lead
Good Enough
Inside Of You
The Reason

Don't Ever Let It End
I'd Come For You
Never Again

Paolo Nutini
Autumn Leaves
Last Request
These Streets

Rev Theory
 Broken Bones
Favourite Disease
Hell Yeah

Rise Above This

Second Chance
Simple Man
Sounds Of Madness
The Crow & The Butterfly

Sick Puppies
Master Of The Universe
So What I Lied
The Bottom

Sleeping With Sirens
Better Off Dead
If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn
Roger Rabbit

The Pretty Reckless
House On A Hill
Make Wanna Die
Miss Nothing

Theory Of A Dead Man
All Or Nothing
Bad Girlfriend
By The Way
Not Meant To be

Friday, 21 July 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What's The Goss?

Well yesterday I went and had my eyes tested, and my new glasses should arrive in about a week to ten days. I can't wait for them to get here so I can get back into my writing. I find it hard to write with everything being a tad on the fuzzy side.

I woke up with a bit of a headache this morning... it could be because I had a crap night's sleep. I just couldn't seem to get comfortable. Too much shit running around inside my brain.

I'm making chicken cacciatore for dinner and it smells wonderful... only the pasta left to cook. It's going to be so yummy. and if we're lucky there will be leftovers for tomorrow night.

The garden is looking pretty good this morning, and I'm happy to report I didn't give myself concussion again while trying to turn on the the damn tap. I can't wait for the damn thing to be moved to an easier spot for me.

I've been watching that Medium show on TV with Tyler Henry... Not sure if I believe in all that, but I do love watching this show. He's such a sweetie. I like listening to him. if it is real I like the way he gets it so right. the way he gets all pale and breaks out in a sweat... okay now I just seem weird, but it makes for good fodder for my writing brain. I would love to be able to write a character like him. Well, not exactly like him, but someone with psychic ability. though my character might not know that he has said ability, and might think he's a tad crazy... At least it's something to think about.

It's windy here today. I'm glad that I don't have to go lout anywhere and can spend the day inside. So I'm here on the computer. Talking to you, and chatting with Bronwyn H... she's actually helping me sort out some stuff with my YA series that I'm planning on writing.

Quick question: Why do I need a different pen name for my adult and my YA writing?

Sunday, 16 July 2017

My Morning & Updates

I spent the morning planting geraniums in my little garden area. The cats don't usually use that much of the lawn they prefer to lie in and among the plants anyway. Next on my agenda is to propagate some of my jade plant to grow along my fence line... and trying to get my wild grasses healthy again. I may have over chook-pooped them.

Good news on my health, the doctors have decided to cut back on my thyroid dosage for awhile. I'm okay with that... I have to have another blood test in 6 weeks to see how everything is going. Mind you I have to do more exercise... yay me.

I heard back about my young adult stories and I think I'm going to give it a crack, but first I have to finish up a couple of other stories. It will give me a bit more time to mull the story line. and think of a better series title. I'm thinking probable whatever I name the school. Any suggestions would be great... now the school has shifters, fey, and vampires in attendance... not sure on humans at this stage.

Other than that life is all going hunky-dory the family and pets are all doing well. I can't believe I've been in this place 7 months and I'm still moving things around to make it easier. I'm still getting rid of thingsunnecessary things... I trying to make life minimalistic as possible. Less is better... If I haven't used it in 6 months then I obviously don't need it. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

I Have A Headache...

I have a headache... I think part of it is partly because of the concussion I gave myself a couple of days ago... But part of it is I'm due for new glasses and my eyes keep popping in and out of focus. It's driving me nuts, but I have an eye test this Wednesday.

Other than that I've been working on one of my young adult series: Preternatural High (series name may change if I can think of a better one). I've sent it off to one of my editors for a look see to see if the whole thing makes sense... or whether it should go back into the back-burner books for awhile.

I will keep you all updated as I hear more. I've never written anything like it before. I just really want to give it a try... well, at least I think I do. You know I will talk more about it as time goes by. Okay, I'll give you another update when I hear back about my idea.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Just When...

Just when... I get back into the writing swing my real life decides to get in the road... mainly my next two weeks are filled up with family errands (Dr appointments, 2 eye tests, Emily's car has three different services to be done, and I have my Kitchen hutch turning up on the last day) so it extends the finish of The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail Of Red Roses by two weeks.... Sorry 2 weeks.

I also gave my bird Hector away to a very nice family, who will give her a lot more attention then I was able to give her. Honestly to me she was just a chore, but this family just lost their bird and where going to get another one so it seemed like the right decision for me. I think Hector will be happier, because she will get a lot more attention then she ever got at my house... I should say that I inherited Hector who at the time we thought was a boy and later found out was female. I never bonded with the bird because she bites even after 5 years she attacked me every time I went near the cage. Weirdly when the guy caught her for transport she never even bit him... Must have been just me. Hector was a peach face... a very beautiful bird. It's very quiet without out her on the front veranda, but in saying that my front veranda now looks huge without the cage taking up space.

I had a very early wake up call this morning. Willow thought it would be a great idea to jump up on my bed, crawl under my blankets and up-chuck a fur-ball down near my feet... mind you it was more spit than anything else... but still means I have to wash my sheets━thanks Willow.

I have a Dr appointment this morning to find out the results of my blood tests... So you don't take your medication for 6 months and everyone gets cranky at you because your body decides to shut down... Lesson learned... don't quit taking your medicine no matter how stressful and busy life gets, it's so not worth the hassle of trying to get everything back on track again.

This morning is the first time that I've felt the cold. My fingers are cold. The rest of me not so much, but my fingers are freezing. Even the cats are sticking close to catch as much body heat as they can. I might even have to to have a hot Milo this morning just to warm up. Actually a hot Milo sounds good so I'm outa here... I'll catch you all tomorrow, or in a couple of days.

Saturday, 1 July 2017


I didn't realise how hard it was going to be to go back through a book and add people's points of view... but it truly is... So the first six chapters of The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses is very busy, but after that it will slow down and be more of the real main characters... if that makes sense.

I have been busy around the house and I finally feel like I have everything under control. I paid off the last of my debts last week (credit card)... so that is a huge relief off of my shoulders. I still have a little bit to do around the house, but now I'm not worried that I'm going to get into trouble because I can't pay for things... I love being debt free because now I can actually start saving money for a rainy day (or the next time the cats need to go to the vet).

Speaking of cats→ Droogie news: He is walking a lot better than he has been and now only has a slight limp. I'm still keeping an eye on him. at least his appetite has picked up again.

I'm still waiting for my beta reader to get back to me with Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go... so as yet it still has't been subbed. It shouldn't be too much longer. I will keep you updated as things go along.

Friday, 30 June 2017


So this is is what's been going on inside my head for the last couple of days... well, actually, there hasn't been a great deal going on to tell the truth.

1→ I've been looking after Droogie (my male cat) who is feeling better, but still not 100%... I hope he picks up soon. mind you he is 16.5 years old so he's getting up there in age.

2→ I have to stop Willow (my female cat) from thinking that every time I set my cup of tea down that it gives her free rein to drink it while I'm distracted.

3→ I've been going back through the start of book 4 in The Lines of Marsden: The Trail of Red Roses and adding in perspective from one of the main characters as I realised I left him out of the first six chapters... Yes, and don't I just feel like a drongo.

4→ Emily's eye specialist appointment went well... no change from the last time we were there so all is good on that front. At least it was a quick visit this time, and all the staff working there were really lovely.

5→ We got a lovely bit of rain last night. it would have made for a great backdrop for sleeping if the damn cats hadn't have been restless and wanted to go in and out of the house so much. I will be glad when it's warm enough for them to spend the whole evening out on the front veranda. they keep me awake all bloody night scratching at the door. Oh to have the life of a cat... they sleep all day and play all freaking night long.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Update Time...

I finally finished re reading The Lines of Marsden, and I can tell you that the 30K of book 4: The Trail of Red Roses will need some re writes... sad but true... because I have no clue where I was headed with the damn thing... but after re reading the whole series I think I'm back on track. But you never know what will happen once I stop writing again. Let's just hope that I stay on the right path and get the damn story finished.

I've also been busy around the house just trying to get things in order. There's not actually much to do here now. It's hard to believe, but I've been living in this place for nearly 7 months. Where has the time gone? I can't believe how fast this year has flown by.

My car went in for a service last Monday and cost me nearly $800, mainly because I needed new break pads as well as my main service... I can't believe how well it drives now. I didn't think it was driving bad before, but I can sure tell the difference since I've had the service.

I've not been feeling 100% over the last couple of days. Nothing to serious I think. I hope it's just a bug of some sort. I go back to the doctor for a checkup on the 10th of July... If I'm still feeling off I'll let the doctor know and he can do some tests. It's more that I have the feeling of an upset tummy, but I don't want to throw up━if that makes sense.

I've had a few new story ideas pop into my head over the last few days. I'm trying to see if I can work them into existing series, or if I need to write completely new stories. I hope not. As I'd really like to finish up some of my existing series for you, my readers. I will have to think on it for a bit longer, but I promise when I know... you'll all know, because basically I'll probably need to talk it all out with everyone to see if it makes sense.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Lines Of Marsden

It's been awhile since I've last been on. Time just seems to have flown by and I've got absolutely nothing done. Aside from dealing with everyday life I've been re reading The Lines of Marsden series to see if I can figure out where the hell I was going with book 4: The Trail of Red Roses, and  4.5: On the 12th Day (which may have a title change) because right now the story just isn't making sense to me.

I must admit that I hate re reading my own work as I see all small mistakes that I would like to go back and change... but then I think if I'm forever going back and fixing old books up then I'll never get new work out for my readers. So for now I'll just leave it sit.

hopefully by doing the re read I'll be able to answer anything that I left open in other books. I hate it when I do that. though most times I don't even realise that I'm doing it.

In book 4 and 4.5 I'm moving away from the main characters of the last three books and giving the readers more of and insight into other secondary characters that I find just as interesting, and I hope that the readers will as well. I mean Michael and Doyle will always be in the continuing story line, and will play big parts, but the sole focus of these stories won't be on them... if that makes sense.

I'm honestly hoping that I can bring the story back around to the path where it's meant to be on. I only have basically books 4, 5, and 6 to end the first line and have it all make sense. I want to be able to go into the second line without leaving questions about the first line. I don't mind if the characters from the first line make a reappearance in the second line, but I don't want them to be the main feature of any given story.

So book 4 is mainly going to be about Christian and Benj... also about Maffa and someone (no clue who yet) 4.5 is a novella about (Asher) I think I might set it around Christmas. Well, it will be if everything in book 4 goes to plan... knowing me it'll all go way of track halfway through the damn story. I guess I'll have to keep you updated.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017



Moon Runners 2
I Won't Let You Go

 Is with James A

Almost Done & Other News

1→ As of this morning I only have 3,462 words left until I reach my 40K mark on Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go... So I hope to get it finished today.

2→ Droogie's next vet appointment has been postponed from today until tomorrow as they have an emergency surgery or something to do. I don't mind. It's all drizzly here today so I don't feel like going out any way.

3→ I finally bought the shelves for my kitchen. and set them up so I could get rid of the clutter that was annoying the crap out of me. Emily has decided that she wants to buy some now and use them as her pantry as she doesn't have one in her unit.

4→ Nickelback has a new CD coming out this Friday━Feed The Machine, so I'm all kinds of excited. I know not everyone is a Nickelback fan but I am...

5→ Today I also have to fit in cleaning out the top of the pantry as it seems to be the one shelf that I just put stuff and because I can't really see what's up here I have a whole lot of crap that needs to either be rehoused or be sent to the op-shop for other people to buy and use because I'm obviously not using it.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Today I Am

Today I am being an author for Fireborn Publishing... or at least I am trying to be. I have pulled out Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go, and I'm reading through the last few chapters to see where I was heading━seeing as I only have approximately only have 7,871 words to finish this off. i figured I better get it done.

I pulled apart some of the story (approximately 5k) for it to make more sense to me. I should stop doing this. I think that's what keeps delaying the finishing date. I'm really bad at this lately.

I hope to have it finished by the end of this week. I do have a couple of vet (Tuesday) & eye specialist appointments (Friday)━not for me, but for Droogie and Emily seeing as neither will be able to drive themselves...LOL... Mind you, I'm hoping to get most of it done tomorrow, which is Monday for me. I'm sure I'll let you all know how I'm going as the wee progresses. feel free to keep me on track.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

One Of Those Days

I'm having one of those days where I have the feeling that I've forgotten to do something really important, and for the life of me I can't figure out what the hell it is... It's like I have this big cloak of dread hanging over my shoulders.

1→ I know all my bills are paid as up to date as they can be... so it isn't that. 

2→ The housework is all done for the day... so it definitely isn't that, and I don't need to go out for any groceries.

3→ I've checked my appointment diary and I know that I'm not due anywhere important... like at the doctors, and/or vets... and I even checked with Emily... so I know it isn't that.

4→ No one is coming around to visit... so I know it isn't that.

5→ So as you can see I'm at a complete loss as to why I feel this way... I'm not depressed or anything, and I'm not stressing about this. I just feel like I've forgotten something. Probably when I remember what is is that I forgot to do, it'll turn out not to be important at all... I just hate it when I forget stuff, and lately I seem to do it a lot.